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Free Programmer Profession Course (FullStack Developer)

Get a retraining in one of the most sought-after and paid professions in Israel - the profession of a programmer - on a free course with employment obligations for graduates!


Do stories about the geniuses of Silicon Valley evoke an envious sigh and the thought that such success is unattainable for ordinary mortals?

Our training center offers you to take courses in Israel and break this stereotype! BASIC PROGRAMMING proves that everything is in your hands!



The course gives you an idea of the basics of programming and what it really is. The main objective of the course is to allow you to assess your prospects and chances of success in the Hi-Tech world and to understand whether a programmer’s specialty is suitable for you.

For whom

The course is suitable for candidates with higher / other education, both with experience in programming and without specialized education and experience. 

​The course will start around October 2022.


3 times a week during the daytime, allows you to combine study and visit the ulpan, 14:00 - 17:00.

Tel Ran Training Center,

Science Park, Rehovot


Selective testing for knowledge of basic English,  logical thinking,  confident PC user.

Our daily free course will be an important step for you on the way to a sought-after, profitable and very interesting profession!


Over 5.500 * developers  are already needed by the Israeli labor market.
₪ 18.000
  — the average salary of a novice specialist (experience up to 2 years).
8 months - lasts a full professional day course, allowing you to start employment immediately after graduation

*- the number of vacancies by profession: Frontend-, Backend-, Fullstack developer and Software engineer.

Full stack development

Software development

504 ac hours, in person

≈14 months

Nearest Course Dates


Monday and Thursday*

Admission Conditions:

≈14 months

  1. basic English,

  2. basic Hebrew,

  3. confident PC user.


As part of the course, the student is provided with full support in the process of employment - from training to signing a contract. However, successful employment is impossible without students fulfilling certain conditions, such as:

  1. class attendance (at least 90%),

  2. homework (at least 90%),

  3. passing and active participation in the internship after the training course (provided by the training center)


At the end of the training course and internship, each student is provided with group and individual advice on writing a resume and preparing for an interview / test tasks. It is important to follow all these recommendations precisely, as they are based on our experience and the experience of our graduates.

Training takes place on the basis of the Tel Ran - Rehovot training center (Science Park).

For more than 29 years, the center has been successfully training Hi-Tech specialists, it has been accredited by the Ministry of Labor, and has been conducting repatriation programs together with the Ministry of Aliyah and EA Sokhnut for more than 10 years.


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Test your programming skills and pump up your brain with the course “Basic Programming”!