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What is "Masa"?

Some have heard the word, but do not know what it is. Others have guessed that there is such a program. Others are actively gathering information on how to get there. Representatives from Tel-Ran helped us put everything in order.

masa israel

"Masa" is a state educational program supported by the Jewish Agency for Israel "Sokhnut". The program allows you to visit Israel, get acquainted with the country, gain new knowledge and impressions. If you wish, you can repatriate after Masa and become a full-fledged citizen of Israel.

Who is it for?

For young people between the ages of 18 and 30+ who have Jewish roots and fall under the Law of Return. For those who want to get to know Israel. For those who want to learn something new, to undertake an international internship abroad, to acquire an internationally sought-after specialty, to lay a solid foundation for their career.

There are different "MASA" programs, everyone will find something to their taste, but we will talk about one, perhaps the most popular and pr