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Founded : 1993-02-03
Founder : Tel-Ran

About us

The Tel Ran Educational Center was founded in Israel in 1993. For over 27 years of work, we have prepared more than 4,000 successful graduates for the international labor market and have gained tremendous experience in employing and integrating young professionals. At the moment, about 400 students study at 2 of the Center’s Departments (Rehovot and Haifa) every year. Tel-Ran has a long and strong relationship with companies like JP Morgan, Comm-IT, Initech, Wix, Amdocs, Dell, HP Enterprise etc.

The Center provides an opportunity for quality, professional training in Israel for new immigrants and Russian-speaking Israelis.

Tel-Ran is certified by the Ministry of Labor and Economy of Israel, which means that you can receive subsidies for training at the Ministry of Aliya and Integration, Bituah Leumi and Lishkat Taasuka, as well as take advantage of the army severance pay, aka "picadon".


In the Classroom
Igor Korol

Graduated from Tel-Ran in 1996 and worked as a programmer and a project manager for Scitex and Kodak. He is currently the CTO in the WeKast startup. In 2011, he returned to the Alma Mater and began his teaching career. He has helped to employ more than 1,500 people.

In the Classroom
Yuri Granovsky

Began to teach programming before some of our students were even born. Yuri has been with us since the very foundation of the Tel-Ran EC in 1993. He is the most experienced certified teacher and doctor of technical sciences in the field of computers and computer systems.

In the Classroom
Gregory Sheigam

A Guru of Android development, full-stack specialist and mentor of most projects developed by our students. He has over 10 years of software development experience. Since 2015, he has been the winner of the “Teacher of the Year” contest according to the center’s administrative staff.

In the Classroom
Edward Fish

Mathematician (M.S.), experienced software developer (java-developer, GAINSystems, USA). He was engaged in computer modeling and development of an ERP system in the field of logistics. A wonderful speaker and teacher, master of full-stack development.

In the Classroom
Alexander Sominsky

Being the holder of a red diploma of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Alexander is a doctor of technical sciences and a nuclear physicist (for 17 years he worked in the military-industrial complex of the USSR). He participated in the development of software for such companies as Clalit, Tadiran, Dikkla, etc.

In the Classroom
Ivan Kovalenko

A graduate of the Tel-Ran training center, a programmer and an information security specialist. He has higher technical education with a degree in robotic systems and complexes. He is a lead developer of a number of the educational center’s projects.

Due to the expansion of the center’s activities, we need more teachers. You can send your CV to

About Us In The Media 

This segment contains video materials and texts that cover our activities in general, individual projects, as well as interviews of our teachers and their comments on various issues related to the work of the educational center (mainly in Russian).

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